SARC 2020 Winter Field Day Information

  • SARC Results
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  • Objective

    To foster Ham camaraderie, field operation, emergency operating preparedness, and just plain on the air, outdoor fun in the midst of winter for American, Canadian, and DX Hams. Don’t let those winter doldrums keep you locked up in the house... get out and play some radio!!

  • Dates

    Winter Field Day runs for 24 hours during the last full weekend in January each year from 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Saturday to 1900 UTC (2pm EST) Sunday. For 2020 the dates are January 25th and 26th. Station set-up may commence no earlier than 1900 UTC (2pm EST) on the Friday before. Station setup may consume no more than 12 hours total.

  • Bands, Modes and Suggested Frequencies

    All Amateur bands, HF, VHF, & UHF except 12, 17, 30 and 60 meters.

    Any mode that can faithfully transmit the exchange intact without a conversion table... CW, SSB, AM, FM, DStar, C4FM, DMR, Packet, PSK, SSTV, RTTY, Olivia, Satellite, etc... (note FT8 2.0 cannot but JS8Call can)

    HF CW – 1810-1820, 3.530-3.550, 7.030-7.050, 14.035-14.055, 21.030-21.050, 28.030- 28.040
    HF SSB – lowest 30 kHz of the US General Class Phone bands (160m-15m), 28.400- 28.425MHz (10m)
    6m/VHF/UHF – adjacent to, but not on, nationally recognized simplex calling channels.

  • Contact Information

    For SARC information, contact Al Partain at 503-586-8382.

    For Winter Field Day information contact WFD:

  • SARC Field Day Site

    SARC Winter Field Day event will be operating from the depicted location in West Salem. See image for setup location.

    GPS Coordinates to parking lot:

    44° 55.974' N
    123° 7.884' W

  • SARC Preparation Activities
  • SARC On-Site Activities

    Contact Band Captain to help:
    Mario Montesano (Digital): 503-779-7107
    Fred Dalzell (Voice): 503-428-6140

    If you're staying at the location, bring:

    air mattress/sleeping bag
    warm clothes and gloves
    heater of some type (contact SARC first)

    If operating:
    laptop with WFD log installed (contact SARC)
    surge suppressor
    radio and power source (we will be using battery power only for the radios)
    table for radio

    If bringing a generator (to charge batteries):
    extension cord(s)
    surge suppressor
    extra fuel

    SARC is providing tents and ...

  • Rules, Entry Forms and Information Packets
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WFD Location

Directions from Marion St. Bridge to WFD Location
Watch for the SARC Sign!

Drive approximately 4.6 miles from the Wallace Street offramp West on Highway 22 past 50th Avenue NW. Look for the sign on the right.
If you reach Highway 51, you've gone too far :(