Technician Training Course January 6th and 7th

January 6th and 7th will be the new date for the Technician Training Course at the Macleay Grange. On the 6th, which is a Friday we will begin at 6pm and go until around 8-830pm. Then, on Saturday the 7th we will start around 10am. Expect an all-day involvement on Saturday, with participants bringing or supplying their own food. We are working on having some minor snacks available in case students are not able to provide their own lunch for any unforeseen reason, but this is not for sure.

There will be a license testing session for all levels held on January the 16th, which is a Monday. This session will also be held at the Macleay grange, and I believe will start at 7pm. I will post more details in the next few days regarding specifics such as payment and any other details relevant.

Also, there will be a Zoom session available between the days of the course and the testing session for any questions students may have. This will hopefully help encourage students to continue studies on their own time to better absorb the materials covered in the course. The date and time of the Zoom session will likely be midway between the training course and the testing session. I will post more specific details as soon as I know for sure which days instructors will be available for questions via zoom.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Chris Corbett KJ7UYT or any of the club board members for clarification. All ages welcomed. We hope to see you there!