Extra Class License Course

Beginning this Thursday, January 19th, at 6:30 p.m., there will be an Extra+ class intended for all Hams who want to improve their techniques and understanding of Amateur Radio. Whether you are technician just starting out or an experienced Amateur Extra just needing a refresher course this class will help you.
You will learn by hands on experimenting using the examples on the actual test. You will see how electronics works by actually hooking up components and measuring the results. You will hear and see the effects of how changing frequency works with resistors, capacitors and inductors. This will give you a much greater understanding of the fundamentals of amateur radio and assist you when working with your own equipment and especially during emergencies. Be prepared!
The class will start Thursday, January 19 at 6:30 PM and finish at 8:30. The duration will be 20 weeks with a break in the middle. Although I prefer that you take the class in person it will be available via Zoom for those who live outside of the Newport area. 

—ARRL Extra Class License Manual 

—Digital Voltmeter

—ARRL Handbook For Radio Communications (We will be using the newest version 100. However, this costs $80 and  you may use any ARRL Handbook—a later version preferred.)
—If you are preparing for Technician or General you should have a copy of the appropriate ARRL License Manual.
—A computer with access to the internet for test practice and research.
Please contact me via email, phone, or sign up at the next club meeting. Early registration will help us prepare materials for you to experiment with.
For more information contact:
Joe Joncas NJ7OK (WA7MHB) Lincoln County Radio Amateur Club

Cell 541-351-5292