Winter Field Day Summary

We made a total of 577 contacts, from a total of 9 operators!

  • 71 CW contacts
  • 17 DIG contacts
  • 489 Phone Contacts

We claimed the following bonus goals:

  • Operate 100% on alternative power
  • Operate away from Home
  • Deploy multiple Antennas
  • Send and receive at least 1 Winlink email
  • Operate 6 continuous hours

We didn’t quite make the bonus of “operate on at least 6 different bands”.  We only needed 1 more!

This puts us at a total point score of….   5,985.  (Assuming none of our contacts are disqualified.)
This is not only significantly more contacts than last year’s winter field day, but it is also well over the 317 contacts we made at SUMMER field day!
I would like to attribute a lot of this to Dan – KN0MAP for graciously providing his tent for us to operate in out of the weather, and to Mark -KI7FZV for bringing his tower & beam antenna, which I estimate to have been used to make around 2/3 of the total contacts!

We would also like to thank our visitors for coming out and joining us. Zack who provided the header picture you see above and Jess who helped with logging and we got on the radio to make some contacts. We look forward to getting the both licensed and having them out with us for future events.