Mike Reed

Repeater Site Electric is Almost Done

Thanks to Jay WB6RDV we now have power and lights at the site. One more outlet to wire and we are done. We should have it all wrapped by end of next week. Here are some more pictures of the progress. We thank Jay for all the work he is doing it looks great.

Jay WB6RDV wiring an outlet.
Finished Outlets
Jay WB6RDV Lighting the new site up.

More Progress on Repeater Site

This week we made more progress at the repeater site. As you will see from the pictures below all but the last section of the tower is up (Thank You Mark Doucette – KI7FZV). The building is in place and we have it insulated with OSB on the walls and just need to complete the OSB on the ceiling. Next week we are hoping to get the electric installed. We will post more on the progress as it happens.

Carl – KF7BBR and Mike – KJ7BRF picking up tools after getting the inside walls done.
Looking at the front of the site while work in progress.
Back of site showing the last section of tower ready for some antennas.
Chris – KJ7UYT admiring his handy work.
Insulation being installed in the ceiling.