Ham Camp and Antenna Classes on Saturday!

There are two separate classes scheduled for this Saturday, the 24th of September. Both are at the Macleay Grange hall in Salem, Or. Starting at 10 am and scheduled until noon is the post-licensing training course “HAMcamp” and following shortly after at 1pm is the antenna training course, which will run approximately until 4pm. Both classes are free of charge at this time and all that wish to participate are welcome. I look forward to seeing you there!

-Chris Corbett, KJ7UYT

  • Instruction for HAMcamp with Patrick Pardo, KK7DCW and Andrew Hemenway, KJ7ZYM
  • Instruction for Antenna Class with John Hendricks, K7JLT

Club Members Hitting the Summit!

KJ7UYT and K7AVG were out operating in an area northwest of Dallas on the 27th of March. They were operating on various bands and were later joined by KK7DCV and KK7DCW. KK7DCV was able to activate the summit that they were at. It was his first activation. DCV is one of the clubs youth members so it was very exciting us all to watch as K7AVG taught him how to perform a SOTA activation!

K7AVG operating his KX3 and FT-2DR out of the back of his SUV
K7AVG set up his telescoping mast and end fed random wire antenna along with a roll-up J-pole for VHF operation.
KJ7UYT set up his FT-891 to run the FT8 mode from the back of his SUV powered by a LiFePo4 battery.
KJ7UYT had his 4BTV set up on a homemade base mount.

Club members portable!

A few of us from the W7SAA club went out to a location northwest of Dallas this morning and set up for a quick portable operation. Had a great time with the four of us. It was Chris KJ7UYT, Andrew KJ7ZYM, Patrick KK7DCW, and James KK7DCV! Chris was heard all the way in North Africa with just 20w from his FT-891 and a Hustler 4BTV vertical antenna. Patrick ran a 53′ end fed wire with his Yeasu 991A powered from his truck batteries.

KJ7UYT working 15m on his FT-891

KK7DCW and KK7DCV working on 20m with a 53′ End Fed Wire antenna